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Renelux distributes branded wood pellets from Suzhou Honeycomb Biotechnology (SHB) in Europe, the first company certified according to ENplus A1 in China.

SHB is the largest producer of ENplus A1 wood pellets in China, with a production capacity of 300,000 tons per year.

SHB's Enerver wood pellets have a diameter of 6mm and high net calorific value (4.8 kWh/kg) for better energy efficiency. They also have a very low moisture content (7% compared to the 10% maximum according to ENplus A1 standards), which improves their performance during combustion.

Order & Delivery
Minimum wholesale order: One (1) 40ft Container
Delivery: Delivery to the customer's warehouse or to Renelux's central warehouse
Storage: Option to store the customer's order in Renelux's central warehouses
Partial deliveries: Ability to manage the customer's order in partial deliveries from Renelux's central warehouses.
The product is certified by the producer according to ENplus A1 (Suzhou Honeycomb Biotechnology - CN 001).
Specifications Recent Test Results
Pellet diameter: 6 mm +/- 1mm
Pellet length: 12.95 - 34.82 mm
Bulk Density: 640 kg/m³
Ash content: 0.70%
Mechanical durability: 98.9%
Calorific value: 4.8 kWh/kg (Net)
Moisture content: 7%
Packaging & Logistics
Retail packaging: 15 kg bags
Bags per pallet: 80
Pallet weight: 1200 kg
Pallet dimensions: 120*80*210cm (LxWxH)
Transport medium: 40' container (40ft)
Pallets / 40ft (21x80 pcs) +(1x42 pcs)
Quantity / 40ft: 25.83 tons
Bags / 40ft: 1722
Made from 100% coniferous wood (virgin wood and non-chemically treated wood residues).
ENplus certified pellets have the following advantages:
Ensure better operation of the boiler or stove, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.
They are more economical compared to fossil fuels.
They are easy to transport and store.

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